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Social Media Management

Too many business owners still don't believe in the advantages of integrating social media in spite of recent success stories. Reasons for not using it include "I wouldn't know what to say," "I don't have the time for it," and "I get so many referrals I don't need to advertise." Consider outsourcing the work and hire me to manage your networks. (Fees start at $150 per month). You may want a moderator for a Twitter Chat or Google+ Hangout or the development of an annual plan, I can deliver those as well.

Engage on Facebook

Engagement with your customers is key! A branded Facebook page and/or mini-website increases the chances that your visitors will “like” your page, request more information, and visit your website to learn more about your products or services. Attracting new members is challenging, but we'll work together to build a community that returns for your news and is excited about what they read. I can also manage your Facebook ad campaigns.

Engage on Twitter

Build a presence on Twitter that responds. I'll help you target audiences specifically related to your product or service. Your replies and direct messages will be handled to promptly. Status updates will be relevant, engaging and consistent. I can also manage your Twitter or SponsoredTweets ad campaigns.

Engage on LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram

Whether it's LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, I've got you covered. I'll optimize your keywords to enhance your visibility on the search engines and make sure your content doesn't fall on deaf ears. I can also manage your LinkedIn ad campaigns and Company pages. In regard to YouTube, you can build a channel that consistently sends traffic to your website and vice versa. Others trust my expertise. You should too.

View Using LinkedIn for Business Part 1 on Slideshare.

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