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COVID Yays & Nays

COVID-19 is extremely and unnecessarily politicized. Everyone has an opinion. And I also contributed to many conversations about the virus:

- its symptoms

- who contracted and/or died from it

- states where cases were high

- what anti-vaxxers were saying and doing

- how it's spreading

- where to get a COVID test and which type of test was better

- how employers were handling it and stores to avoid

- where to get a vaccine

- how to avoid contracting the virus

- what type of mask is better to wear

- how long people should quarantine

- what companies should require before allowing staff to return to work

- where to order free self-test kits, etc.

Like millions of others, I couldn't stop talking and debating about it. First, we experienced the trauma inflicted by the Delta variant among black & brown communities across America. In 2021 to be a part of the solution, I briefly worked as a COVID Tester at a local university. It was a wonderful opportunity to help the staff, teachers and students provide a safe environment for on-site learning. Then we applauded the scientific development & distribution of self-test kits, three vaccines, and booster shots. And as of Jan. 10th, there were almost 1.5 million new cases mainly due to the Omicron variant.