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Top 5 social media strategies

- Attract new followers

Represent yourself as an expert in your industry with relevant, trending messages and people will want to connect.

- Follow others with similar interests By connecting, you'll create win-win relationships by sharing information and learning from others.

- Follow potential customers/clients

Get to know your prospect's interests, favorite sports team, political views, pet peeves, etc. This will provide you with a steady stream of conversation once you finally approach the person to talk business.

- Post consistent messages regularly (at least twice a week)

Build an expectation amongst your connections. add humor, and ask questions also to initiate an online chat

or give people an opportunity to vent.

- Pinpoint the correct platforms for maximum results and not participating on every network available

Use cloudsourced tools to eliminate the redundacy of posting the same message on multiple platforms.

Confirm that the social network you register with has a sufficient number of people from your target market.

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