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Email Marketing

There are a variety of email marketing solutions that can help small businesses. Create. Grow. Go Social. Track. Whether you want to boost your social media fans, increase event registrations, distrbute surveys or newsletters, or advertise locally, you'll find solutions described below. Important: Nonprofits will receive a 15 - 20% discount too. Create them yourself OR outsource the design, management & distribution of your campaigns and hire La'Shon!!


Constant Contact has been in business since 1998 

proving excellent reporting and coaching services.
  • New customers get 60 days FREE

  • Plans start as low as $20/mo. for 500 subscribers.

  • Choose from hundreds of attractive HTML templates

  • Design with a drag & drop editor in minutes

  • Integrate your social networks

  • Track your results with real-time reporting

Vertical Response, an award-winning company,
provides multiple services, including postcard marketing.
  • New customers can email 500 subscribers 

      for $11/mo.

  • Pay monthly or by the number of emails.

      Save with more email addresses in your list

      or a longer term.  

  • Select from a gallery of HTML templates

  • Get an ROI of about $40 for every $1 spent

  • Build relationships and measure the results 


MailChimp is used by more than 4 million people for

their marketing needs.


  • Send up to 12K emails/month for FREE if you

      have under 2000 subscribers.

  • Pay monthly or by the number of emails

      Save with more email addresses in your list

      or a longer term.  

  • Segment news based on what they want to read

  • Add notes and intergrate with Google Analytics

  • Use their geolocation tools or SMS app

iContact values experiences that are personal &

thoughtful and they have a high customer satisfaction rating.


  • Try it for FREE for 30 days

  • Plans start at $20/mo for up to 1,500


  • Design with a drag & drop builder


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