10 Business Mistakes for Start-Ups to Avoid

Too many people jump into a business without thinking it through. Success involves analyzing, planning, and implementing strategies for the venture. In this article, you'll find ten mistakes often made by start-ups and tips to prevent the pitfalls. 1. Not enough research on the business. The idea is not feasible or the owner lacks important information. For businesses with a physical location - a) Is the area getting sufficient foot traffic? b) Are surrounding business owners unified and networking? c) Could the business survive in good and bad economic times? d) Is the community safe? What are the neighborhood crime statistics? 2. Miscalculating the size of the market and the owner's potent

Become an Entrepreneur: Turn Your Passion into Cash

Today, so many people are looking for ways to make money. The unemployed, college & high school students, and retirees are all searching for "jobs." Unfortunately, some of these groups are competing for the same positions, especially in the retail and hospitality industries. Can you paint or draw? Are you crafty? Do you like singing, dancing, acting or playing music? Can you style hair or faces with finesse? Do you know more about photography, computers or videos than most? Can you sell products like Bill Gates? Turn what you love to do into cash. The more passion you have for your hobby the better chance you'll have to make a lot of money providing this service for others. Your enthusiasm w

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